The Ebert’s story starts a few miles down the road from the Homestead at their family farm, Ebert Enterprises. A seventh generation dairy and beef farm, that takes pride in animal care and raising healthy animals. They also value the circle of life, in which they will be completing with bringing the product to the consumer. Just as the windmill goes around, so does the quality product in the farm-to-fork process at Homestead. When guests arrive at Homestead, they will be warmly welcomed with respect. The Ebert Family & valued employees are excited to bring the community to the dinner table!

The family has been working for years to finish the farm to fork “loop” where the end consumer gets to reap the benefits of eating food that was ethically and humanely created and controlled through each step of the farming-planting, growing, harvesting, storing and processing. Randy and Renee Ebert, along with their children, Jordan and Whitney, designed and built Homestead Kitchen and Tap with their friends, neighbors and the community in mind.